On 11th and 12th November the BSVP held its Autumn Meeting with a focus on dermatopathology. Given that this is a subject in which collaboration and cooperation between clinicians and pathologists is particularly critical to achieving a successful outcome, BSVP felt that this was an ideal opportunity to reach out to our clinical colleagues. Therefore the meeting was combined with the Autumn Meeting of the British Dermatology Study Group. Thus, veterinary clinicians and pathologists met for a weekend in Manchester to go “Skin Deep”.

Clinicians and pathologists enjoyed a series of combined and parallel sessions led by world-renowned veterinarians specialising in dermatology or dermatopathology. Speakers contributing presentations to the combined or pathology-focussed streams included Dr Peter Forsythe, Dr Aiden Foster, Prof Phil Jones, Dr David Shearer, Prof Monika Welle, and Dr Trevor Whitbread, with veterinary pathologist Dr Tim Scase also presenting in the clinically orientated stream. Delegates explored a range of topics, with talks ranging from in-depth examinations of subjects such as follicular diseases (Prof Monika Welle) to comprehensive reviews of equine and small ruminant/camelid dermatopathology (Dr Trevor Whitbread and Dr Aiden Foster respectively) and highly entertaining sessions utilising audience voting to discuss approaches to clinical cases (Dr Peter Forsythe and Dr David Shearer).

In addition to the world-class speakers, a particularly important feature of the weekend was the informal cross-fertilisation of ideas between pathologists and clinicians, and shared coffee breaks, a thriving commercial exhibition, and a stunning gala dinner provided ample opportunity for this to occur.

Feedback from BSVP delegates suggested that the combined meeting was very well received. BSVP and BVDSG committee members agree that both groups enjoyed this unique weekend of continuing professional development, suggesting that similar future collaborations may be on the horizon.

On behalf of the BSVP organising group, I would like to thank the BVDSG committee for their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to organising this event. We are also extremely grateful for the support of the BSVP delegates who contributed so much to the meeting in the form of fascinating discussions, and thought-provoking questions, not to mention the salsa dancing at the gala dinner!

Kate Hughes