BSVP Green Labs Competition 2023

Has your lab taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint, cut down on waste, or give back to nature? Or would you like it to, but need some motivation?
BSVP is hosting a competition to encourage pathology labs to adopt green working practices, to share ideas and innovations and provide inspiration as to how pathology labs can become more sustainable.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to any member of the BSVP. A BSVP member can enter as individual or as a representative of a workplace team, but the entry must relate to a pathology workplace and the application must be approved by the organisation as a whole.

What is the deadline?

30th April 2023

How does it work?

Fill in our application form detailing a project your workplace/organisation has undertaken to promote sustainable practices in the workplace.
The project can be one that has been carried out in the past 18 months (from January 2021), a project that is currently being undertaken, or a project that is started and completed prior to the competition deadline. Completed forms should be submitted to

What kind of project is eligible to enter?

Any project that contributes to workplace sustainability. The project does not have to be focussed on the laboratory itself, and other initiatives (e.g. establishing a wildlife-friendly garden, a scheme to encourage employees to travel sustainably to work etc) are eligible. However, projects that focus of the laboratory are very welcome (e.g. cutting down on disposable plastic waste, trialling formalin alternatives or recycling, etc).

Who will be judging?

Anthony Chadwick of The Webinar Vet
Jade Urquhart-Gilmore of VetSustain
Laura Setyo of the BSVP Council

What is the prize?

A grand prize of £500 is available to the winning organisation and two prizes of £250 will be awarded to the runners-up. On one condition: The prize money is to be invested back into the sustainability project.

The three top projects will be presented at a subsequent BSVP meeting (details to be confirmed), along with details of how the prize money was invested, and information regarding these projects will be included on the Sustainability section of the BSVP website.

Need more inspiration then visit:

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Please submit any questions to:

Entry Form

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