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BSVP are pleased to announce Part 2 of Clinical Pathology MCQs. The webinar is aimed at anatomic pathology residents preparing for boards, but open to any interested pathology trainees or pathologists (clinical or anatomic).
When: Wednesday 1st July 16:30-17:30
Where: Zoom
Cost: The session is free.
We’ll be tackling even more clinical pathology MCQs and Dr Emma Holmes (Lecturer in Clinical Pathology at the RVC) will be on hand again to help us out.  The session is based on learning by quizzing, so you will be participating in real time, but extensive prior knowledge is not expected. If you wish to prepare, the questions are based on Duncan and Prasse Chapter 6 onwards.
You do not need to be a BSVP member to attend.
We’ll be using Polleverywhere, which allows you to answer the MCQs via your own phone and computer. Please check out the Polleverywhere privacy policy to check you are happy with it.  https://www.polleverywhere.com/privacy-policy You do not need a polleverywhere account, as you can use the platform as a visitor. The relevant links to access the platform will be shared at the start of the zoom meeting. You can still attend and not use the live polling.
To register, please email the following to bsvpsecretariat@gmail.com

  Part 2 of Clinical Pathology MCQs (1.2 MiB, 35 hits)

Specialty (clinical or anatomic):
Email – Zoom:
IMPORTANT: please give us the email that you will register/already have registered with Zoom to enable us to verify who you are when joining the meeting.