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There are numerous cancer presentations that will challenge the general practitioner. Some are regular attendees in the veterinary consulting room, some are infrequent visitors.

In this series of presentations you will learn tips for the approach to cancer in general, tips that can be applied across the board for the most part. In addition, the most prevalent tumours will be considered in more detail. The twin focus will be on an understanding of underlying principles and on practical tips to enable more confident (and competent) cancer management.

Specific consideration will be given to canine cutaneous mast cell tumours, lymphoma in dogs and cats, and to soft tissue sarcomas in both species.

This course is ideal for first opinion practitioners with an interest in oncology.

Registration will open at 09.30, with the course starting at 10.00. The course will finish at 16.00.

Venue location:
British Veterinary Association
7 Mansfield Street
London  W1G 9NQ
Click here for more information or contact Helen Dingle on 0207 908 6336