The BSVP regional meeting at Langford was held on Wednesday 21st August, with 11 participants. The theme for this meeting was British Wildlife Pathology.


Sean Haugland gave the leading presentation with an overview of pathology found in red squirrels from Jersey. A finding of note in this group of submissions was a high incidence of amyloidosis. Amyloid deposits were frequent in kidney, often in glomeruli but also in medulla and in the spleen.


Vic Simpson from the Wildlife Investigation Centre was present and commented that in his experience this was unusual in other populations of red squirrels. There was some discussion on the possible cause of the high incidence of amyloidosis in the Jersey population.


Parasitic infections of note included Capillaria in the liver, often associated with significant necrosis and Hepatozoon in the lung, often unassociated with pathologic change. Vic Simpson then described an exudative dermatitis he had seen in squirrels from both Jersey and the Isle of Wight, that is associated with Staphylococcus aureus. Vic went on to present a case of Eufilaria delicata in a blackbird with microfilariae detected in multiple tissues and the adult filariid in the tissues around the hock joints. _MG_0707

Other participants presented cases of poxvirus in an otter and a seal, encephalitis in foxes, and some interesting cases in more regular domestic species.


On a tastier note refreshments included the usual coffee and tea but also some orchard apples and some nice homemade coconut and jam biscuits made by Lucy Oldroyd.