In 2021 BSVP Council delegated a new single task BSVP Green Team to focus on challenges surrounding sustainability in veterinary pathology and how the vet path community might work together. It is envisaged that the work of this group may include (but will not be limited to!) the development of these pages as a resource on sustainability in our profession; sharing experiences; promoting good practice and fostering links with other green groups within the profession (e.g. VetSustain).

In May 2020 the Royal College of Pathologists released a Strategy For a Sustainable Future stating:

While no single organisation can alter the severity or pace of climate change, acknowledging its detrimental effects on both patients and society more widely is an important step towards improving the College’s impact on the environment.

The BSVP Green Team acknowledges that our primary concern is to deliver best practice in diagnostic pathology and research and that this may require compromise with pure ‘sustainability’ goals. Nevertheless, we hope that the ‘perfect will not be the enemy of the good’. Changes are coming and the purpose of these pages is to promote change where change is possible.

Please follow the links in the drop down menu above for further information on specific areas. BSVP and the Green Team envisage these pages as a developing resource. These pages are very much to share ideas and feedback: what is a good idea and resource, what works and what does not.

The BSVP Green Team

  • Taiana Costa-Kirkham, VPG
  • Sandra Dawson, Nationwide Laboratories
  • Sean Haughland, VPG
  • Kate Hughes, Cambridge University
  • Alison Lee, University College, Dublin
  • Jo Moore, Moredun Research Institute
  • Linda Morrison, University of Edinburgh
  • Stephanie Plog, BSVP President, IDEXX Laboratories
  • Lucy Oldroyd, retired#Mark Stidworthy, International Zoo Vet Group
  • Karen Beebe, LabCorp and British Society of Toxicologic Pathologists representative.
  • Dylan Yaffy, Royal Veterinary College

** The mention of a company, a product or a process in these pages does not necessarily imply recommendation by the Society**