The British Society of Veterinary Pathology is offering a bursary to attend their annual Summer Meeting on Friday 21st June 2024. The meeting is on the subject of Livestock Dermatopathology. Bursaries for both virtual and face-to-face attendance are available. This bursary is aimed at students who wish to pursue a career in veterinary science, or veterinarians with an interest in veterinary pathology.

The scholarship is open to all applicants whose social class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or other individual circumstance (e.g. they spent their childhood in foster care or are a single parent) is underrepresented in veterinary science.

To apply, please email the BSVP ( with your name, email address and occupation status (pre-vet student / undergraduate vet student / postgrad student / working full or part-time / other), before Friday 31st May. Please also specify your preference for virtual or face-to-face attendance. Successful applicants will be notified during the week of 3-7th June. You are not obliged to inform the BSVP of the reason for your eligibility for the bursary.