Adenocarcinoma - Perineural Invasion

The first Bristol meeting of the year attracted a very good turn-out with attendees bringing a wide range of interesting and unusual cases for the group to discuss. Highlights included a series of lipomas illustrating the mixed mesenchymal tissues that can be encountered within them, a very odd testicular tumour with the consensus view favouring malignant Interstitial Cell tumour, and a verruciform xanthoma of the tonsil in a dog.  A carcinoma with neural infiltration was presented and this route which may allow widespread metastasis was discussed. Mesothelial aggregates within lymphatics in the pericardium; are they neoplastic or reactive, also generated much discussion.

Two useful and interesting references pertinent to the issues discussed are given below.

Perineural Invasion in Cancer. A review of the literature. Liebig, al. (2009) Cancer. Vol:115,pp:3379-91.

Hyperplastic mesothelial cells in mediastinal lymph node sinuses with extra nodal lymphatic involvement. Isotalo P.A et al (2000) Arch Pathol Lab Med. Vol: 124: pp 609-13.