The Bristol Veterinary Histopath Slide Club had the first meeting of the year on Wednesday 22nd March 2017. There was a fantastic attendance with over 20 people present and chairs were in short supply. It was great to welcome a couple of new members and some 5th Year students on Pathology Rotation. As is usual we had a wide range of species and pathology presented. A brief list of some of the cases presented includes: corneal microsporidiosis in a dog, intraocular silicone oil ‘prolapse’ post retinal reattachment surgery, bird’s eye cells (cell cannibalism), subcutaneous chylous fistula in a dog, intramural cystic developmental anomaly in the bladder wall of a cat , apocrine adenocarcinoma in the skin, caliciviral  pneumonia in a cat, adenoviral ventriculitis in chickens, recurrent airway obstruction in a horse, an unusual fibrous contracture of the tail of a tortoise, colonic carcinoma with spectacular metastasis to the liver, and transmissible venereal tumour of the dog.


Emma has kindly sent her reference list for the cases she presented.

Silicone oil ‘prolapse’ post retinal-reattachment surgery – not sure if the path is described in veterinary field but here are clinical refs and human stuff

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  1. Bird’s eye cell (cell cannibalism)
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