The BSVP MCQs are back. This time we tackle lab animals with our expert-on-hand, Dr Ellie Herbert from the Crick Institute. We’ll also be hanging around online after the MCQs finish for a chat, so trainees will have the opportunity to network and track down study-buddies.
This session is aimed at trainees preparing for boards, but is open to any interested BSVP member. The MCQs are from all chapters of Pathology of Lab Rodents and Rabbits Barthold, Griffey and Percy, with live anonymous polling via the PollEverywhere app.
When: 16th December 2020 17:00-18:30 GMT
Where: Zoom
Who: BSVP members only   – if you need to rejoin for this session the subscription lasts right until the end of 2021.
Cost: free for BSVP members
How do I sign up?
Email   Please include your name (so we can confirm you are a BSVP member), along with your email address that is linked to your Zoom account.