The Bristol Veterinary Histopath Slide Club had a late start to the year after bad weather forced the cancellation of the first meeting in March. The April meeting  was held on a beautiful sunny evening yet still attracted a high attendance.


Giant cells in puppy.jpg


A brief list of some of the cases presented includes:

Secretory otitis media in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Primary rhabdomyosarcoma of bone in a dog.

An unusual case of parakeratosis in a dog that likely represents a keratinisation defect.

A labradoodle with cutaneous and renal vasculopathy syndrome.

An unusual presentation of interface dermatitis in a cat.

A glomus cell tumour in a dog.

Several cases where the cutaneous dermatopathology featured multinucleate giant cells.

A case of possible mammary carcinoma in a gelding.


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