The 3rd Bristol Histopath Slide Club meeting of the year was held on the 10th July. Here is a brief overview of the cases presented.
The ‘wow’ of the night must go to the cutaneous and lingual toxoplasmosis in a dog where organisms were abundant to say the least. And then a nice case of toxoplasmosis in a cat with a more conventional appearance. Odd and interesting tumours included a granular cell tumour in the skin of a cat’s neck, telangiectatic osteosarcoma in the tail of a 1 year old cat, osteoma on a cat’s head and multiple tumours involving several nipples in a dog where the differentials of liposarcoma and balloon cell melanoma were discussed. The diagnostic dilemmas of infectious versus sterile and inflammatory versus neoplastic were represented by cases of granulomatous hepatitis in a dog and giant cell granuloma in the nose of a dog. We saw very nice cases of actinic dermatitis and carcinoma in a Sphinx cat, auricular chondritis in a cat, onchocerciasis in the tendon of a donkey, and mycobacteriosis in the oesophagus of a donkey caused by M. avium paratuberculosis. From the post mortem room we say a nasty colonic perforation in a horse and intestinal obstruction due to a whole apple in a dog along with a ruptured bladder in a neonatal foal.