We had our second meeting of the year on June 13th.

Once again we had wide range of very interesting cases. A brief list of some of the cases presented includes:


Klossiela equi in a horse

Abomasal ulceration alongside rabies in a cow ( a case from the United States)

A mammary carcinoma in a dog showing transfollicular elimination.

Ulcerative dermatitis in a cat with very nice Herpesvirus inclusions and lymphocytic neuritis.

An unusual proliferative lesion in the stifle of a dog where the differentials of proliferative synovitis or neoplasia remained unresolved.

An abdominal mass in a cat composed of very pleomorphic round cells with mixed inflammatory cells, in which the final diagnosis was large B cell (CD20+) with a substantial inflammatory component (histiocyte rich). It was not considered to be T cell and histiocyte rich B cell lymphoma becauseof the high frequency of anaplastic cells in the lesion (see photo for this meeting).

A very florid lymphocytic dermatitis in a horse likely a manifestation of a cutaneous contact  reaction in that it was limited and associated to the area a rug was present.


A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with an unusual mass attached to the chordae tendinae in the right side of the heart composed of degenerate material and chondroid and osseous material.

We also had a very unusual and remarkable example of the condition described as Nevus of Ota in a Labrador. A congenital oculodermal melanosis that follows the path of the trigeminal nerve.


The next Bristol Veterinary Histopath Slide Club meeting is Wednesday 17th October 2018.